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step 1

Define instructors

Define your team of people in the settings of the app. Apart from name and email address, you will also set their working days and hours so they will only be scheduled when they are available.

step 2

Assign a booking to an instructor

When scheduling your classes or appointments, you can select the instructor that you want to conduct the session. You can always change this later or select "None" if it is not known yet who will be available. If you have the confirmation emails enabled, then the instructor will also receive the booking confirmation email.

step 3

Viewing the calendar by instructor

The app's calendar can display all appointments and classes for all instructors at once or be filtered for one instructor at the time. This way you can quickly find availability and keep an eye on load distribution.

step 4

Sharing a roster with a team member (email/pdf/print)

There are two ways of sharing a schedule/roster with a team member and which one works best for you depends on the level of confidence you have with them. The first - and most protected - way of sharing is using the app's email, PDF and print sharing facility, that lets you pick exactly what you want to share. In its most restricted form this only shows time and activity but you can also show progress notes, last payments etc. You select a period, e.g. today or this week and prepare the roster for them. This also works well in studios where the roster is hung on the wall.

step 5

Sharing a roster with a team member (full access)

The second way of sharing the schedule with team members is by giving them access to the full database via Bobclass Cloud. Team members simply log in to the same cloud account and can access the schedule, clients with the same right as you have. Changes - even when made offline - are synced across almost instantly.

step 6

Reassigning instructors for a series of classes

It will not be the first time that an instructors can't do their classes and you will need to reassign them to another instructor. Bobclass lets you pick the bookings and in one go you can reassign them. Both instructors will receive an automatically generated email informing them of the changes, together with the clients.

step 7

Team reporting

Keep track fo what your team is doing. Bobclass offers realtime reporting that gives you insight in which instructor has been conducting which type of activities, when, where and more.

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