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step 1

1 - Select a client

Progress notes sit in the client's profile. You would consult the Progress tab if you want to prepare a session and pick up "where we left off".

step 2

2 - Write a progress note

On that same Progress tab you also create the new notes. These are like diary entries and depending on your business type, you would note down milestones, homework, peculiarities, observations etc. The objective is really to make sure everything you learn about your students gets logged.

step 3

3 - Attach media

Apart from text, you can also add audio recordings, photos or videos of your student in action and attached them to their profile. Typical domains where this is used is in dance, physiotherapy, sports, music.

step 4

4 - Attach documents

Similar to media, you can also attach documents to the progress notes. This is done through DropBox, Google Drive or iCloud. Examples are sign-up forms, terms/conditions/disclaimers and contracts but also homework, instructions, diets and more.

step 5

5 - Share with client

The default progress note setting is private, meaning it is for your eyes only, but you can share notes and attached media/documents with your clients at any time.

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